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A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Name:Star Wars
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Community description:Everything Star Wars....
Why there were no general communities for Star Wars on Dreamwidth was a question that plagued me through the long dark nights (or, you know, for a couple of hours while I was stuck at work).

So I looked deep inside myself and used the power from within (or used the "create community" button) and breathed life into this brave new world.

Like the Jedi Praxeum, I envision this place to be a safe harbor for all who require it. A place to discuss and learn, a place to share what we know. A place where there will be no flaming or bitchiness, and a place where everyone lives happily ever after. And no one goes all dark-side on the rest of us.

Feel free to post fic, art, meta, polls, questions or anything else regarding the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This includes the movies, the cartoons, the books and the games. If it happens in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, it's fair game for this community.

May the Force be with you all.
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